Folding Airplanes, 2009


I’ll try to remain lucid till the end
Life is so full of confusion already
There’s no need to add chaos to chaos
Destroying feels better than creating

I thought of it as a possible disaster
Now the disaster has happened

This is the world we live in
This is the landscape
These are the symbols, the interiors
the still lifes that make up our own lives

I don’t want to contribute
I don’t want to do my part for the greater good
I don’t need to be understood by people

I want to spin in a field
I want to get excited when it snows
I want things to happen with sudden
wild enchanted recklessness

There must be harmony and beauty
somehow in this confusion
the fantasy reoccurs
everything is in colour

I want to scream and look at the sky
I want to jump in a pile of leaves

What is this sudden happiness
that makes me tremble
giving me strength 

I seem to remember it all
Living comes when you forget that you are alive
This confusion is me
Not as I’d like to be but as I am

This is the only way
I can feel alive

thus today,
I must bid in fond farewell
my duties,
as an adult member of society

I am going to buy some paper,
fold airplanes
and climb a tree.