KLAPROZENWEG 67 Loods 12           1032 KK AMSTERDAM

Gare DU Noord, a hybrid space between a living room, an incendiary gallery, a subversive theater-club and a honky-tonk is activated only on certain occasions throughout the year


Founded and directed by Vincent Boschma, Javier Murugarren and Sacha Tyagi

For more info and reservations:















































































Saturday December 15th | THIS IS THE END - closing party

GARE DU NOORD proudly presents:

Ladies and gentlemen, for 2 years Gare Du Noord has been pumping love and art

on SATURDAY December 15th we will launch the FINAL PARTY- LA ULTIMA FIESTA

get ready to light up your ecstatic soul with the best line up ever, a night of fire, lust and madness, rolling through the hills and meadows of thirst and desire - 4 bands, 2 djs, and tons of surprises to lead us all into the unknown again


BACCHANALIA  5+ piece psychedelic free cumbia band
celebrating Roman festivals of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy

John Dikeman - tenor sax
Jasper Stadhouders - guitar
Nicolas Chientaroli - keys
Miguel Petruccelli - bass, compositions
Onno Govaert - percussion
Tristan Renfrow - drums


The Zebra street band plays a highly energetic music that is both artistic and infectiously danceable. Myriad styles melt together into a repertoire that echoes Africa and the Caribbeans as well as jazz and breakbeat. Each member is a strong soloist and improviser and this allows the music to come out fresh and new. No piece is played the same way twice!

Salvoandrea Lucifora - Trombone
Alistair Payne - Trumpet
Andrius Dereviancenko - Tenor Saxophone
John Dikeman - Baritone Saxophone
Onno Goveart - Snare drum and percussions
Fabio Galeazzi - Bass drum and percussions


Sunset Images is an Sunset Images is an experimental/noise rock duo and the project of Samuel Osorio.
Throughout it's career Sunset Images has toured Mexico, The United States and Japan, has shared the stage with acts such as Mogwai, Acid Mothers Temple, Bo Ningen, MoE amongst others...
and has gained a great reputation for their tremendous live performances filled with energy and movement, strobe lights and hallucinating dazing sounds.

+ Absurd musical performance guerrilla

DJ sets till dawn with ALEXA D S ASTER (berlin) and ALEX KASETA !


Donation: 7euro
all goes straight to the musicians



Saturday December 1st | DOGMA

Gare DU Noord happily invites you to an intergalactic music night hosted by DOGMA





Doors open from 9pm



Friday November 2nd | ARAN DARLING - drawings (2008-2018)

Aran Darling's illustrative representations of chimerical creatures that have squinting or bulging eyes, nestled amongst and interacting with blobs, curious meandering foliage, and insolent squiggles are coming to Amsterdam for a limited time from a formerly green valley in the shadow of Magic Mountain off the I-5 in California.

IZZY de la MEME - The Floor Above | video - performance


VINCENT BOSCHMA - The Opposite Ends of a Continuum | sculpture

GARE DU NOORD opens at 7pm and closes at 2am | next door there is -->


Wir essen alle farben + Martha van Straaten

We host a diet of pizza, music, amateur care, trashy details and some other colours. There is cold beer, hot tea, eclectic sounds, common sense, imagination and the alphabet."

1:30AM Martha van Straaten |

MELANIE BONAJO - dj squirt

PIZZZA CKLUBP starts 5pm - late
Klaprozenweg 65, Amsterdam

E 18.- includes all you can pizzza, cosmic disco and a lot of sauce and details
pizzza until midnight = E 10.- | cklubp after midnight = E 10.- | pizzza + cklubp = E 18.-

limited tickets! get them in advance >

GARE DU NOORD | FREE ENTRANCE | free drinks until about 9



Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th of October | OVERTONE SINGING WORKSHOP

with Ana-Maria Hefele

"A voice as from another world"
"The lady with the two voices",
"Polyphonic vocalist does the impossible"        
(headlines that spread around the world)

In her workshop, Anna-Maria Hefele (Master of Arts in Elemental Music & Dance Education), offers insight to the fascinating world of overtone singing. The participants gradually learn how to filter and amplify the overtones in their own voice. Overtones are always contained in the human voice and through singing slow vowel transitions on a long note, they start appearing clearly, comparable to the colours of the rainbow which arise while sending light through a prism. Overtone singing allows a playful and relaxed way of interaction with your voice and enlarges the capability of expressiveness. It trains the perception of intonation, sound, and sound colours. It improves the contact to one’s own body and expands the expressiveness of the voice. Anyone who is interested in finding new approaches involving the voice is welcome to this workshop. Previous knowledge about e.g. reading notes or foregoing vocal training are an advantage, but not necessary for participation. As an extended vocal technique, it is very suitable for performers, musicians, vocalists of all genres, choir conductors and composers.

The price of this workshop is 200 euros and has to be fully paid in advance to reserve your place. Please send an email to to reserve your place.     10am to 5pm, 1.5h break

For full information about Ana Maria Hefele please visit

Video Links: and             



Thursday July 12th | A NIGHT FOR THE WILD AND FREE - a summer night mini festival


07:00PM     TINA KRISTINA (RUS)                                                                               08:00PM     ROCK & Roll Terrorists (IT)                                                                     09:30PM     SPILL GOLD (NL)                                                                                10:30PM     BLUE CRIME (NL)

Tina Kristina

Grew up in a Russian family with generations of musicians and painting artists; she has been playing bass and performing for 25 years in NYC.
Her solo set exudes powerful sensuality and calm elegance; melodic consequences of the multitude of musical styles she manages, which has been presented at international venues such us Lincoln center, Montreax Jazz, Ozora, David Lynch's Silencio, Odean etc.

Rock 'n Roll Terrorists

Rock 'n Roll Terrorists are named after an album of American punk legend GG Allin. They live in the countryside between Arezzo and Florence and play simple direct blues with punk. This concert is part of their Zombie Tour.



With snake-charming synths, dreamy yet urgent vocals, swerving guitar lines, and heavy, earthquaking drums, Spill Gold moves you to dance and float away at the same time. Spill Gold invites you to lean in to your unrelenting visions and pour out the best you’ve got, streaming and unrestrained. Let it out and get drenched bathing in it.



Blue Crime’s stars have a gloomy shine, inspired by myths and dreams and parallel universes. Earth felt too low; space is the place. They started out as a glowworm in a dark atom shelter, and emerged as eerie moonpop, growing grittier in time.

Call it moonpsych, noisefolk, call it earthquakes with guitars and vocal eclipses.
Or just feel it, and call it nothing at all. Be it love or hate, dark or light... Blue Crime shows no mercy for the sober and cold-hearted.

This concert is part of their BLOOD MOON tour.


the rest of the night will be set on wild fire with  RORO GINNUNGAGAP

RORO GINNUNGAGAP collects elusive, rare and occult music and merch created by several artists from all over the galaxy. Providing earth parties with DJ's is one of its favourite things to do. Expect a DJ-setwith synthesizers, low voices, distant sound effects, moon animals and fluorescent beats.


The evening will launch with 6-9pm mackerel / vegan BBQ
hosted by Instant Collective

Guerrilla performance troupe IC will test out the hottest scenes of their upcoming
show while frying vegan sausages and wild mackerel by Gare Du Noord deluxe Terrace

Cover at the door: only 10 euros - all goes straight to the musicians -




Sunday June 17th | This is Our Music - hosted by DOEK Festival 2018

This year, Doek will go back to its roots and focus on the projects of its individual members. Each core musician has taken the liberty to pick a group that explores or expresses something personal to them. Of course, the result is quite a varied programme with musicians from across the globe. Performances will take place at Splendor, the Bimhuis, De Ruimte, and numerous surprise venues for the annual bicycle tour. Doek will also host workshops in the Bimhuis. 12 sessions in total with each Doek core member leading at least one session. The workshop ensemble will have a final performance during the bike tour.

Programme overview - AMSTERDAM REAL BOOK BIKE TOUR -

14:00 De Ruimte 
The music of Michiel Scheen
• John Dikeman sax; Jasper Stadhouders guitar; Wilbert de Joode bass; Frank Rosaly drums

15:00 Waargenoegen
Turkish traditional repertoire
• Eva Hoogland voice; Giray Gürkel baglama, fretless guitar

15:45 Gare DU Noord
The Music of Eric Dolphy
• Kaja Draksler piano; Uldis Vitols bass; Hugo Antunes bass; Michael Moore clarinet; Ab Baars clarinet; Ziv Taubenfeld clarinet

16:45 tba
Senageles and improvised music
• Mola Sylla - voice, percussion 

17:30 Ferrotopia on NDSM
Sex Music for Fucking Buildings
• Oscar Jan Hoogland valhamer, sound set up; Harpo 't Hart sound system, analogue synth, computer; Marta Warelis fog horns


Full festival programme overview & more info:
For tickets & pass-partout:

Tickets at the door: 10 euro




Friday June 1st, Saturday June 2nd | Ableton workshop - seminar by Martin Rizzola

Do u want to research sound and create music for your work, get started in music production and live performance? THEN THIS SEMINAR IS FOR YOU.

1st and 2nd of JUNE, Ableton Workshop for performers, musicians and visual artists at Gare DU Noord. Limited places, sign up via email.




Thursday April 26th | THE LAST KING


BACCHANALIA  5+ piece psychedelic free cumbia band
celebrating Roman festivals of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy

HEXENCHUSS- fast-paced, sharp and nasty electro nic duo

unlawful and banned performances by lainstantanea und friends

DJ sets till dawn with


Exhausting the Monarch’s hips


Palace service and Royal drinks at our oak bar

Home-made ginger ale and power balls

Dresscode: Anarchy Queens
Donation: 5 euro only
PIN & CASH available

Ladies and Gentlemen, it will be a NIGHT to remember




Friday April 6th | REALISM - hosted by Anne-Jan Reijn

Finally, after 20.000 decades of evolution, the razorsharp video release of "Realism". Directed by Marc Slings, music by CRACKJOHAN

21:00 - 22:30 CASH HYPER$PACE
22:30 - 23:30 CRACKJOHAN
23:30 ------- Donnie Mand1

doors open at 21h / FREE ENTRY




Saturday March 24th | TO THE POWER OF THREE

1) 3 stories, unrelated to each other, except for the use of body movement as the only form of expression. 
set to the music of the duo ‘Hexenschuss’.

2) "How to open your Muladhara". A Performance demonstration by Kannakee & Abhishek Thapar.

3) Instant Collective presents a new take in BLACK HOLE DESTINATION SOUL. A somatic and musical satire, about the delirious, overloaded flow of ‘The Now’.

the night will continue with Dj Divine.

elektro eclectic revival symposium.

doors open at 21h / suggested donation: 5 Euro



Friday March 9th | DANIEL RAKISH

ETC.RA presents : D--+ LIGHT
Several takes on our times of material obsolescence, re-appropriation of discarded materials into Beauty/Art/Truth/Joy/ Funny & Fuck Yeah!

D—+LIGHT is a collection of various randomly unique Objects, LIGHT-Sculptures, and Photographs composed in unusual ways.  

As an Autodidact ETC.RA freely and naively works without pre-conceived notions of what should be how. No right or wrong. Anything goes. Re-Using waste as a vehicle for a Vision/Idea/Message to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Opening :Friday 9th March 17:00 till late…  

Saturday Soiree 10 March 16:00

+++ projections of analogue timetravelling photography+++




Saturday February 17th | CARNIVAL

Performances by Guardia, LEON-i & Instant Collective
The Eclectic-EST Dj's in Town AKA KOSMOS + J&J
DRESS is a MUST or your Money will go BUST

Coming Sat 17th....22pm till . . . .5AM......





Gare DU Noord is happy to announce the premiere of a home brewed show:

Innocent Velvet for Afternoon Use investigates the way we acquire taste and conform our garments to shape our daily image.

New textile materials have been selected for the purpose of exploring specific qualities and possibilities for design and performance. But above all, the work is strongly rooted in 're-use'; the re-interpretation of old items, left-overs and waste.

Presenting a poetic discourse nurturing the performative qualities of dressing, the performance aims to reconcile consumption with craftsmanship, addressing themes like gender, identity, culture and social interaction.

Performance: Leonie Zoe, Sarah Kate, Olga, Ida Katinka, Lea Muses, Fico Papi, Assi Weitz, Moonsnake, FunnyCat & Hobelasai

Styling: Lea Muses - Light/space: FUNNYCAT - Textile painting: Vincent Boschma - Text: KAINTHEPOET - Concept/Costumes: Hobelasai

Nourishing the ongoing tradition of this event, at the end of the show all the garments will be available for purchase set in an informal party market ----

!!! Please be on time, performance will begin at 10pm !!!

The night will continue as a PArTY hosted by KOSMOS musically setting things in motion by connecting the dots between different parts of our planet

and a mystery surprise by !! JIM AVIGNON !!

Doors open:  9pm

Donation to support the musicians and artists: 5 euro Cash & PIN available





Saturday November 25th | UM DIE ECKE presents: - > Eat more Freud! < -

Gare DU Noord and Klaprozenweg 65 present a sparkling Vienna date and this is not a birthday with a lot of sauce and no tissues!

Klaprozenweg 65 opens in the morning for 25 hours of Eat more Freud!


bring your own lunch, chai and the cookies, the cooks and the kitchen, das Kollage Gruppe, je Moeder presents Deine Mudder, pub(l)ic hair tattoo with Melanie Bonajo, tribes, stories, fools, books and souvenirs, sator arepo etcetera. Titanic Einhorns. JOHRL ist FARBENBLIND, was ist das? gemüse hot dogs mit Kren und Scharfe Pfefferoni, facepaint, Schlagobers, opa, unyoga, der Geist ist ein Wasserfall, jacuzzi, new waves is new foam, rapeh and tears, the best of plants and stones, psychedelic office hours Finito la comedia Alles Fuss massage by Toro, MarieLou Coucou from the Freud foundation, healing international, Hab Kein Angst und so weiter!

Gare DU Noord opens in the evening at 21h with UM DIE ECKE


all you can dance xxx BERNHARD TOBOLA [tingel tangel, cosmic serpent]
Erdbahnkreuzer and disco selector travelling Viennas darkest basements and lightest planets>>


Deutsche Dominanz, a live performance by Vienna's geilest hooligan MICHAEL RENE SELL, a cyborg of Archimedes and Merkel: the brain of Merkel and the body of Archimedes 

also, noch einmal ganz kurz:
Eat more Freud! starts Saturday at 11h on Klaprozenweg 65, continues UM DIE ECKE at 21h (until 6:30, at Gare DU Noord > Klaprozenweg 67) and ends and afters with final frühstuck.

Ihr seit allen Herzlich Wilkommen, Bitte bring friends, lovers, lunch, demons and issues and Eat more Freud with us!

entry: alles Wur$t,
No PIN, so bring some cash




Friday November 10th | JESPER BUURSINK presents:

- Everybody is Out of Place Here - Bijlmer x Ukraine x Art x Film x Music -

Filmscreening - Everybody is Out of Place Here -
(Netherlands/Ukraine, 25 min) 

What happens if you put 10 artists, curators and filmmakers on a self-built raft of 7 square meters for 14 days and send them down the rivers Stryi and Dniester in the West of Ukraine? You make a film, a very odd film. The concept started with the Ukrainian art-collective Open Group (nominated for the Future Art Generation Prize of the Venice Art Biennale 2017) and they collaborated with two Dutch artists: radio-maker and artist Jesper Buursink (BNN, VARA, VPRO) and performance artist Arthur van Beek (Eddie the Eagle Museum). Two Ukrainian cameramen joined on the raft: Sergo Klepach and Valery Kumanovsky, three curators: Irina Leifer, Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German, and even a survival expert. And then there were the locals…

This resulted in the artistic, surrealistic cross fiction/documentary film Everybody isoutofplacehere. A film that explores the boundaries of documentary-filmmaking, in which the artists became the victims of their own research, the locals are important performers and in between all of this walks a cowboy in his pink pants.

A first short version of the film was part of an art-installation during the Kiev Art Biennial in 2015. The film premiered for the first time in the Netherlands at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam in 2017 and was part of Festival of Young Ukranian Artists in Kiev.

Jesper Buursink is a Dutch radio-maker/artist who made different international radio-documentaries for Dutch National Radio (NPO), has pop-up mobile radio-stations ( and Buurtcamping) and artistic (film) projects with art-collectives like Pink Pony Express and Kafana. In 2010 he participated in the Documentary-workshop of the IDFA.

There will be an Q&A after the screening. 


21:00 Filmscreening Everybody isoutofplace                                                         21:30 Q&A with sounds by Ike Melchizedek and MC Brt                                         22:00 Performance with a refrigerator by artist MEIS VRANKEN                              22.30 Photo-installation by photographer SANGIORGIO 'DALLAJEE' BLONK           23.00 2 short films x 1 premiere by filmmaker KENNETH AIDOO                             23.30 Poetry performance by our very special guest KAIN the POET (USA)

The night will continue until early with DJ collective                                         VINGER.NL x IKE MELCHIZEDEK x DJ SIDS x MC BRT -

Our bar will serve tasty drinks / Doors open from 7.30 pm / Free Entree


Friday Oktober 20th | BANDGLADESH - KALAMITEITEN -

On Friday 20th Gare DU Noord invites you to a night of delightful cuisine, world music and performances

8PM Green God Vegetarian Dinner (miso soup / avocado, mango & quinoa salad / Aubergines à la menthe / pears with wine)

10PM  Bandgladesh concert

Bandgladesh concerts range from atmospheric spoken word songs to uplifting rhythmical celebrations. An unusual quartet of world musicians combining Hangs,  N'goni (west African harp), trumpet, Brazilian Cuica, percussion, voice, visuals and electronics. When the circumstances allow it, their sessions take place inside their huge paper balloon: the bubble. (

1AM Kalamiteiten - 10th anniversary -

Kalamiteiten is a solo work, characterized by a constant, almost imposed, psychedelic surrealism that derives from the performative body itself and travels to all the contexts that surround it, not only on stage but to the whole theater and its extension to ordinary life. In return, these contexts get to correspond back to the body and bring up a strange transformation to the performer, the audience and the space.

Javier Murugarren created this twisted-autobiographical work in 2007 . The piece has been shown in several European countries, South Korea and Australia.
For this occasion, a compacted late-night version will be shown as its 10th anniversary exaltation for the coming performances in Spain. (


The evening will go on with DJ Cuerva till late... electro-eclectic/funk/cumbia symposium

Doors open from 7.30 pm - donation 5 euro - dinner included: 12 euro



Saturday Oktober 7th | LOTJE VAN LIESHOUT - paintings

EXPEDITION, a solo show with paintings and video works by Lotje van Lieshout.

Lotje van Lieshout is fascinated by the stories of early explorers, scientists and pioneers. In her work there is a nostalgia for a time that was more adventurous, dangerous and un-professional. In her paintings and films she explores the once unknown and invisible worlds - like the bottom of the ocean, Antartica and the microscopic universe - as if she makes the discoveries herself. She depicts moments of technical or scientific progress, in which they were unaware of the consequences of their discoveries.

Lotje van Lieshout (Amsterdam, 1980) is a film maker and painter. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. She has exhibited in Kunsthal kAdE, MuseumGouda, Tweetakt and Arti and Amicitiae and at film festivals around the world. From 2009-2011 she was part of the program committee of Kunsthuis SYB. Currently she teaches at the Rietveld Academie and Minerva Academie.


Thursday September 21st |   NEW YORK GROUPSHOW

RYAN BROWN Ryan Brown’s various book collections can be described as an interpretation of the landscape of the bookshelf. He creates small collections of books (painted objects) with the respect of a bibliophile, and with the diligence of an adept painter. Based on the premise that “we are what we read,” one can find out a lot about a person looking at the books in his/her bookshelf. Formally speaking, the different sizes, shapes and colours of the books in a bookshelf create interesting patterns, varying from the highly methodical and meticulously categorized to the completely unstructured. Of course, it is the actual topic of the books that tell the most about a person, their interests, their background, and their passions. The books typically included in Ryan Brown’s installation pieces are clever adaptations of seemingly well-known art historical and theoretical books, ranging from Goya to Grey’s Anatomy, to Bataille’s Laughing to Death (actually a non existent book, but one that seems probable). Each book is painstakingly and precisely executes to the extent that they look like real books even upon clos examination. In fact, these are books without words, but their meaning is anything but empty. If we were ever to read a book by its cover, this would be an ideal time to do it.

Ryan Brown lives and works in New York and Lima, Peru. He has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions, recently in 2017: "Lots on View" (solo) at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York and "Variations on a Theme" (solo) at Max Estrella, Madrid, followed by “Stare at the Wall” (solo) at OMR-Mexico City; “In Someways It Is” (solo) at Y Gallery-New York; “Works on Paper” at Häusler Contemporary - Munich; “Storytellers” at The Stenersen Museum - Oslo; “Paraíso en Blanco” at 80m2, Peru; “ik wordt” at Voorkamer, Belgium, among  others. His work is in the collection of CIFO Cisneros Fontanals Foundation, Miami; Fundacion JUMEX, Mexico City; Zabludowicz Collection, London; among many others.


NAHO TARUISHI Naho Taruishi has been working on series of paintings, drawings, site-specific installations and single channel videos, which point out various levels of memory, uncertainty, image status, and perceptions of reality. Her recent work highlights the sense of expeditions that constantly overwrites our perceptions of things around us, and questions the ways in which we document events in visual forms. The painting So Long As the Signals III, 2017 depicts an image of a cockpit view of an airplane landing in an unknown place while Untitled, 2016 portrays an unidentified flying object in the clouds. Those works imply Taruishi’s interest in the effects of flight on our understanding of speed, space and time, and depict our desire to speculate about something that is unconfirmed. The single-channel video The Longest Line to Circle, 2010 is about the longest straight line one can imagine to draw on this planet. The line travels a full circle around the Earth and at the end returns to its starting point. This line is represented by on-screen text which identifies the different locations - towns, countries and bodies of water. The text becomes a way of mapping this enormous imagined line.

Naho Taruishi was born in Tokyo, Japan and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been shown both locally and abroad including at Planthouse Gallery, The Drawing Center, Artists Space, A.I.R Gallery, Show Room, and White Box, in New York, NY as well as shows at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, TX, and RK Projects, RI among others. Her publication by Vincent FitzGerald & Co. is held in various institutional collections including the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Harvard University and Lyrik Kabinett, in Munich, Germany. Taruishi has been awarded a Polock-Krasner Foundation Grant. She also has received fellowships from The Drawing Center, the MacDowell Colony, the Watermill Center, and Atlantic Center for the Arts.


CHARLIE SABBA “As a police lieutenant I have never in my life had to maintain such a high level of discipline. My life when I'm at my daily workplace is regimented, conformed, very conservative, disciplined, grey and colorless and burdened and bogged down by many, many laws, rules regulations and restrictive policies. I am a slave to an economic system and a prisoner to the restrictive boundaries of time (as are just about everyone in our country). When I enter my studio on my days off I step into the art world, which is my free domain. It is here that I can live outside the restrictive rules and boundaries of society. There I can live free. There are no rules, no man made laws, no man made morals, norms of society, no hypocrisy, just unleashed psychological energy and mental prowess.

Charles Sabba works and lives in New Jersey, New York. He has participated in multiple group exhibitions, recently at the Paris Outsider Art Fair, Hotel du Duc, Paris in 2016, the Outsider Art Fair, New York in Sept 2015 and SELF: Portraits of Artists in their Absence, National Academy Museum, New York, N.Y. in 2015 CHARLES SABBA: Parallel Avant Gardes (on subversiveness and criminality) (solo) was exhibited at the Y Gallery, 319 Grand Street, New York City on Jan 29 to May 3 in 2015. In April 2014 he held the Ghost Dance performance at DuCret; in May 2012, Visual Investigation Into Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist at Salmagundi Club, New York. In Feb 2012 his work was exhibited during the Brucennial 2012, 159 Bleecker St, New York; July 2012, Lush LIfe, Colette Blanchard Gallery, New York; June 2012, Volta, Basel, Switzerland; March 2010, Solo Show, Y Gallery, New York; January 2010, Brucennial, Miseducation, West Broadway, New York.


VINCENT BOSCHMA In the beginning of 2007 Vincent Boschma moved back from New York City to Amsterdam where he now lives and works and, among other things, dedicates his time to media and installation work, video and painting and, until recently, running a small gallery. His work is exhibited both in Amsterdam and internationally. The International Date Line (IDL) is an imaginary line of navigation on the surface of the Earth that runs from the north pole to the south pole and passes through the middle of the Pacific Ocean, roughly following the 180° line of longitude but deviating to pass around some territories and island groups. The +12 time zone (midnight) is also called the International Date Line, which moves the current date from one day to the next. The earth revolves in 24 hours in 24 time zones, from the west towards the east, counterclockwise viewed from its axis. Given this, the 24 time zones are continuously moving through the International Date Line. Indicating time where it appears to stand still, 1 Hour before Midnight crosses all borders, imagining a journey through unknown and distant parts of the world. The work can be seen as a meditation on the nature of time and on ways of representing its fleeting nature.                         Programmer of webpage: Bas Kok.


Doors open 5:00pm

Free entry



Saturday September 16th | VIGNOLLE ENSEMBLE

Gare DU Noord is very proud to invite you on Saturday, September 16th for a concert night of the much celebrated Vignolle Ensemble

***    REPERTOIRE   ***

PUCCINI - Crisantemi
BRAHMS - 2nd string sextet in G Opus 36
KILAR - Orrawa

conducted by Eduardes Lee


In spring 2012, the Vignolle Ensemble emerged as a (one-time) ad hoc project orchestra. The formula proved so successful that new projects soon followed. The orchestra travels to France annually to host concerts at chamber music festivals.

In addition, the Vignolle Ensemble plays at various festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. The Vignolle Ensemble performs the works by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Bartók, Händel, Dvořák, Schubert, Schumann, Tsjaikovski and Rachmaninoff, among others, and is constantly expanding its repertoire.

Almost all members of the Vignolle Ensemble originated from Dutch student orchestras, including the US Concerto, Sweelinck Orchestra, Krashna Musika, CREA Orchestra, VU Orchestra and the Dutch Students Orchestra. More info:

After the concert, the evening will continue with a DJ

Our bar will serve cheese, fine wines and good liquids
Donation: 5 euros / cash only / doors open: 8pm - 1am

Concert: 20.30 - 21.30

(please bring your own (folding) chair and/or cushion for your comfort)



Saturday September 2nd | hosted by MELANIE BONAJO

With great pleasure we like to invite you to a casual collaborative orgiastic bacchanal everyday revolutionary things to do, Saturday September 2nd at Gare DU Noord hosted by Melanie Bonajo

***    LINE UP   *** 

ENORMOUSFACE Nihilist-Anarchist Puppet Show & Ontological Not-Happening" Kalan Sherrard (NYC) is a slime mold who lives in a (w)hole in the ground with 17 wild dogs. Based in New York City, Xe builds huge trundling grotesque structures out of garbage and has been proliferating Not-Happenings and Puppet Shows around the Americas and Europe for a decade. Kalan is a student of Comparative Literature and Doctor of Misunderstanding, and lectures periodically on Ontological Nihilist Anarchist Praxis.

AU ZIT The new experimental avant-garde performance music project by the artist Elisa Garcia (NYC/CHL) de la Huerta a place for radical honesty and exploration of her body, subtle energy and voice this project intersects her fluxus embodied ecofeminism as a radical feminist performance background as a co-leader of Go!PushPops collective plus navigating into a more ambient minimal deeper vulnerable energy no wave holistic noise neopunk heart space based on improvisation and durational performance influenced by her current on-body research and practice on Buddhism, Tantra and Technoshamanism.

KALI ROSE Dominatrix Carly Rose (AU) is interested in the slippage between identity and material, wearing down where we perceive the self and other binary. Working with a range of media, from performance, to sculpture, to body work, Carly Rose uses affect as a protein to challenging normative systems such as value and taste through methods of disorientation, seduction, submission and domination. Sit down and submit to her artistic, connective, sensual, sexual practice of Japanese bondage art Kinbaku.

SPLITTER SPLATTER Splitter Splatter is an experimental music project Iekeliene Stange (NL). The music is inspired by the fluidity of nature, ritual chants and psychedelic children's songs. Taking you on a musical journey filled with mystical forests, floating elfs and stomping gnomes, you sometimes find yourself wading in a fog of rainbow light then intervening a tribal gathering of some sort or a soothing purple waterfall. Splitter Splatter currently lives and works between Amsterdam and the Veluwe.

MOTHER SUPERIOR Dian Joy (NG /UK )and Andreas Mittermayr (AT) are two childlike demigods who frequent the streets of Amsterdam whenever they're not desperately engaging in unbridled physiomotional connection, or deconstructing the human social reality. When they assimilate one another, they become the mother superior of Blue, a hive mind of transnational subverters.

MATRIXX BOTANICA ELFPOP  OR death of Melanie Bonajo or how to unmodern yourself into an Elf in 5 songs, with backdancers Tori Anus (CA) and Jennifer Cataloupez (ES) Matrix Botanica: Pilgrimage with the Animals is a musical performance from Melanie Bonajo (OKSHAMNVCCCCL) which contains compositions combining human voice with the voices of endangered animals epitomizing how our bodies are slowly morphing together while vanishing into one larger digital ecosystem.

Doors open 9:00pm, starts 10:00pm

tickets: 5 euro



Saturday June 24th | Ship of Fools benefit fare-well party

Where legendary Azart performers and friends will celebrate together the last praise to foly before they set sail to a worldwide journey.

Ship of Fools is a sailing theater, an artistic platform with more than 25 years of traveling and building cultural bridges around Europe, Africa and Russia.

At the beginning of the year their boat Azart has been shut-down by the police with no chance to re-initiate their artistic activities on board. Settled as we are, ladies and gentlemen, in the middle of the panic and control age, Azart remains as a living Utopia and the crew needs to buy diesel and food to be able to depart.

In the summer of 2017 the Ship of Fools will leave Amsterdam like a contemporary galleon along the ancient Trade routes to the East. The first destinations are the Canary Islands and Ghana. With the trade winds, the ship crosses to Central and South America and sets sail to the Cape of Good Hope.

The night will feature Azart historical videos and a constant flow of performances by Merante, The Blond Girl, Instant collective & DJ Krien

Doors open 9:00pm, performances starts 10:00pm

tickets: 5 euro



Saturday 27th of May                  | ICE CREAM CINDY LEE SCOTT HARDWARE

*** LINE-UP ***

ICE CREAM  After releasing their debut full-length album,  Love, Ice Cream, Toronto "molecular pop" duo Ice Cream have resurfaced with a new video for their single "Dress Me Up."

CINDY LEE From his years as singer/guitarist of Canadian art rock band Women to the sincere self released material under the moniker of Cindy Lee, we cordially invite you to get drawn into a world of timeless mystery and elegance with 'Claim of Vanity'.

SCOTT HARDWARE Scott Hardware is the new synth-pop incarnation of Scott Harwood, who previously recorded as Ken Park. His new six-track EP, Mutate Repeat Infinityfinds the artist connecting his love of both dance music and new wave pop, while subtly taking on queer political issues in his lyrics.

Doors open 9:00pm, concert starts 10:00pm

tickets: 5 euro


Saturday 13th of May | WE COME ONE - one-day festival

WE COME ONE one-day festival at GARE du NOORD will feature performances, art and foremost music, including dub, hip-hop, future bass, jungle, techno and Chicago house.

Confirmed Line Up:

▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ GARAGE ROOM ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

✬ Joss & Flo (Bassculture)
✬ Mitch Black (Pissnlaugh)
✬ Mr. Lighthouse (Enter De Void)
✬ Dj Akkii Attii (Plattegrond)
✬ Vette Mette (Bassculture)
✬ DESTINATION SOUL by Instant Collective • Live  Act
✬ Black N Lekker, Smokeswift and J-Baggs (ABSNFC)
✬ Eskaym and Franco Najera (Sub:terrein)
Doors open 9:00pm, performances starts 10:00pm

tickets: 5 euro



Wonderful prizes for the best dressed abdicated monarch & a Royal Piñata     Music sessions and performance interventions by

Doors open 9:00pm, performances starts 10:00pm

tickets: 5 euros / from dusk till dawn


Saturday April 15th | Hexenschuss 💣 ALBUM RELEASE 💥party

Keyboard and drums duo Hexenschuss produce fast-paced, sharp instrumental tracks which merge classic EBM with contemporary sound. The music is beat-driven, dirty and neither shies away from experimental nor from pop. It attacks all senses with sequencer-like beats, sound textures and guitar samples.

Hexenschuss will team up with performance duo Instant Collective. Together with DJ TRINNI they will present a night full of theater and music.

Be welcome from 21.00 on



Saturday April 8th | Spill Gold and Baby Copperhead

Spill Gold from Mercury will team up with New York Based banjo player Baby Copperhead. Together with DJ JuJu they will present you an alternate take on music.


Spill Gold is a psychedelic three-piece who unwind spiraling stories with their songs. They invite you to lean in to your visions and pour out the best you’ve got.
Spill Gold has recorded their latest transmissions from Mercury with producer Koen Gisen of Gent, Belgium, and they’ll be bringing out their first EP to share with you in the summer of 2017!

Benjamin Brian Lee AKA Baby Copperhead is a New York City-based banjo player, guitarist and composer. Lee explores a broken dissonant America, gathering repressed elements from the cultural past — the banjo’s African origins, polyphonic borrowings from 16th century European sacred music, avant-garde improvisations — combined with modern electronics, samplers, and handmade circuit-bent instruments.

For all the voodoo lovers out there

Be welcome from 21.00 on



Sunday March 26th | QinQele and TXALAPARTA

With great pleasure Gare DU Noord would like to invite you all this coming Sunday

The evening will start at 17h with Javier Murugarren; he will facilitate an 1h introductory Txalaparta workshop (ancient Basque wooden improvisational percussion)

After a short brake the evening will continue with an overtone/throat singing class by Budapest based Mongolian Musician QinQele.

Following the second practice we will project the multi-awarded music film-documentary Nomadak that features two basque txalapartaris traveling around the world building their instruments on the road and collaborating with local musicians. A truly antropological-music jewel.

The evening will organically evolve into a collective Jam, so please bring your instrument/bodies.

Our bar will serve good liquids and mongolian/chinese and basque cuisine will be available for our guests too.

There is a contribution of 10euro to participate in both workshops that includes a meal. There are only 10 places available for the workshops. So please reserve here

Doors open from 5pm




Saturday February 18th | Fighting against The Nothing - part II


>> every voice is a percussion instrument, so it is every instrument <<

Gare du Noord invites you to come and fill the evening musical experience, there won’t be a dj this time. It's an all night long improvisation session!

The space provides a piano, a trumpet, a synthesizer, microphones, 4 small amplifiers, a txalaparta (basque ancient percussion instrument), a cajón flamenco, many sackers, a huge plastic tube and a set of undefined sound generating objects.

Performers, movers, musicians, listeners, watchers, dancers beyond description are kindly invited to come!

Our fine new INDIA OAK BAR will be open with tasty refreshments.

Doors open from 9pm



Friday January 27th | Fighting against The Nothing

Gare DU Noord OPENING PARTY                          We open our doors for the first time!

The evening will be warmed by the heat of the wood fire and the sound of our recently acquired 120 years old piano and will feature the following adventures:

22.30h to 00h> 21st century sensation duo LESTER & NIKI will open the evening with a THE-light-FULL concert

00.00h on&on > Unstoppable eclectic DJ ALEX KASETA on the loose                       

02.00h AUGUST DIRKS (Ship of Fools) Praise to madness                                                        

Whatever till whenever > Instant collective Soul&destiny - Anarcho Barmans appearance.
All night long Open Microphone 

Doors open from 9pm